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It has been carefully designed for those who love the Ancient Egyptian Civilization. It consists of 3 parts: Pot, Table and Bust. The Print in a Pot is a Papyrus found in the Tomb of MERITAMUN in Thebes City of Upper Egypt in 1928. B.C. It is dated to the year 1050. It shows the singers at the Funeral of Pharaoh Amun. The Table under the pot set depicts a page from the book of the dead. The Book of the Dead, typically copied from Papyrus Scrolls and dated between 1500 BC and BC. Refers to the great corpus of funerary texts Stored in the New kingdom tombs circa 1070. The trinket in the pot set is a bust of Pharaoh Tutankhamun. The original is in the Cairo museum. It is made of concrete. Hand painted by artists. It is isolated with a special chemical so that the inside and outside of the pot are not affected by water. Pot Size: Diameter 8 cm. - Height 8.5 cm.  With its vibrant colors and beautiful presentation, you will bring Ancient Egypt into your home or office. Packed Carefully In Shipping. It is very resistant to breakage.

Ancient Egyptian Civilization 3 Pieces Pot Set

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