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Lion Gate; It is the fortification gate of the Hittites in Boğazköy (Hattusa) in the Sungurlu district of Çorum province. The Hittites, who founded the first military state in Anatolia (1900-1200 BC), are also the ones who laid the foundation for monumental architecture. They always built their cities within the walls and paid extreme attention to the defense system. Realizing that the city gates, which provided entrance and exit to the city during peace, were the weakest parts of the fortification system during the war, they studied the potential dangers of this weakness. For this reason, skillful workers are used at the city gates and KA on the Hittite inscribed gates. The GAL (great gate) was built with monumental gate structures expressed in ideograms.

They tried to prevent evil from entering the city by embellishing these structures with statues or reliefs of power symbols, which they believed to be protective. The Lion Gate is one of such fortification gates in the Hittite capital of Hattusha, which is administered as the Upper City, and takes its name from the protective lion statues on both sides of the entrance.

Height: 13cm

Length: 12.5 cm

Width: 6 cm

Weight: 1076 grams

Hittite Lion Gate Book Holder


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