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The original is in Ankara Anatolian Civilizations Museum. It is a Hittite work. While one of the 2 figures in the chariot is holding the reins of the horse, the other figure shoots an arrow. Beneath the horse is an enemy lying on his back, naked, with an arrow in his stomach. Since this figure is an enemy soldier, it is made smaller than other figures. B.C. It was carved from basalt stone in 1200. It was found in the long wall section of Gaziantep Kargamış. The original is 2m high and 1.48m wide. Ankara Anatolian Civilizations Museum Inventory Code: 94. The height of the chariot relief you will buy is: 19.5 cm, width: 17.5 cm. Made of concrete for a natural look. Hand painted by artists. Our products are carefully packed against breakage. By purchasing this product, you will feel the breeze of Antiquity in your home and office.

Hittite Replica Chariot Relief - Orthostat -

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