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The original is in the Great Palace Mosaics Museum in Istanbul. It is a part of the floor mosaics in the Bukaleon Palace. The figure is dressed in a red dress that will expose her arms and neck, her hair is gathered around the back of her neck and she is depicted with a large ring earring in her ear. While hanging one hand down on his shoulder with the other, he carries a plump body, a long neck, and a handle with a handle. The oval shape at the rim of the ewer form, which is painted in brown and yellow tones, is emphasized by black tesserae that shows the depth. The indented decoration on the body of the ewer is given in black and white tones. It is a work of the Byzantine period. The product you will buy is 14x20cm in size. Made of concrete for a natural look. The places where the mosaic was shed were scraped by the artist and given realism. Natural wall effect is given. The pictures were transferred by decoupage technique and painted by hand by the artists. Our products are carefully packed against breakage. By purchasing this product, you will feel the breeze of Antiquity in your home and office.

Istanbul Great Palace Mosaics Museum Replica Mosaic "Woman with Ewer"

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