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Replica "Feeding the mule" Relief - The Museum of Great Palace Mosaics  Palatium Magnum
The original is in the Great Palace Mosaics Museum in Istanbul. It is a part of the floor mosaics in the Bukaleon palace and is a work of the Byzantine period. The scene of a donkey's load being destroyed and fed is a triple pastoral scene that has succumbed to time. On the stage, two people were seen destroying the donkey's load and feeding the animal. In the part that has survived to the present day, one person can be seen feeding the donkey. The animal head, colored with brown tesserae, is depicted facing the viewer. Nostrils are given with black tesserae of this animal figure, whose erect long ears, part of its face and neck have survived to the present day. The saddle attached to its mouth is in red tones and the part on its back is yellow. In front of the donkey, the male figure holding a basket made of straw in his hand is slightly bent. She wore a white and gray outfit that would expose her legs and arms. The man, whose face is given from the side profile, is depicted with curly, light brown hair. The product you will buy: It is 14x20cm in size. It is made of concrete for a natural look. The places where the mosaic was shed were scraped by the artist and given realism. Natural wall effect is given. The pictures were transferred by decoupage technique and painted by hand by the artists. Our products are carefully packed against breakage. By purchasing this product, you will feel the breeze of Antiquity in your home and office.

Replica "Feeding the mule" Relief - The Museum of Great Palace Mosaics Palatium

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