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The original is in Ankara Anatolian Civilizations Museum. It is a Hittite work. The relief depicts a three-headed sphinx called a khimera. In the depiction with the head of a bird of prey on its tail, there is a human head with long braided hair with a pointed cone on top of the winged lion's head. The details on his feet are evident. It is carved from basalt stone. B.C. It is dated to the 9th century. It was found on the Herrald wall of Gaziantep Kargamış. The original is 1.35m high. 

The chimera relief you will buy is height:16cm width:13.5cm.

 Made of concrete for a natural look. Hand painted by artists. By purchasing this product, you will feel the breeze of Antiquity in your home or office.

Replica Khimera Relief - Messenger Wall Orthostat - Karchemish /Gaziantep

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