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Traces of history and the magic of art meet with the "Four Captives" sculptures in the Louvre Museum. Shaped by Michelangelo's mastery, these works tell the emotional journey of four captives from the Roman Empire. Every detail of the sculptures transforms into the vitality of the stone, telling the story of the past. "Four Captives" creates an atmosphere that captivates the audience and reflects the emotional conflicts deep in the past. These works, exhibited in the prestigious galleries of the Louvre, invite art and history lovers to a fascinating experience, immerse yourself in the magic of the past and art.

The sculptures, also known as "The Four Captives" or "The Four Conquered Nations", are works by one of the great artists of the Renaissance period, Michelangelo. This series depicts four captives from the Roman Empire. Michelangelo's mastery is evident in the details and expressions of the figures in each sculpture. The body language and emotional depth in the sculptures reflect the artist's mastery of human anatomy and emotions.The sculptures reflect the artistic and cultural richness of the period, while at the same time highlighting Michelangelo's understanding of art.These works were purchased by the French King François I and transferred to the Louvre Museum. The "Four Captives", currently on display at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France, represents one of the most important sculptures in the history of art and is one of the rare works that reflect Michelangelo's superior artistic talent.

Product Information

height 19cm

Length 12.5 cm

Diameter 12.5 cm

Weight 637 grams

It is made of stone powder.

Replica Michelangelo’s Four Captives Statue


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