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Replica Relief The Alexander Mosaic - "Casa del Fauno" (House of the Faun) in Pompeii

This mosaic is the Alexander mosaic. The Alexander mosaic was found in the "Casa del Fauno" (House of the Faun) in Pompeii on October 24, 1831. It was moved to Naples from its location in 1843, restored in the Museo Archeologico Nazionale and placed on a wall. An exact copy of it in terms of motif, material, size and color was produced by Scuola Bottega del Mosaico di Ravenna and is exhibited in Pompeii today. The mosaic panel (5.82 x 3.13 meters) was produced in the opus vermiculatum technique with approximately 1.5 million small colored cubic stones called tesserae. The mosaic has an unusually detailed and meticulous workmanship for a normal residence. For this reason, it must adorn the house of a very wealthy and important family. The product you will buy is 14x20cm in size. It only displays details of Alexander the Great. Made of concrete for a natural look. The places where the mosaic was shed were scraped by the artist and given realism. Natural wall effect is given. The pictures were transferred by decoupage technique and painted by hand by the artists. Our products are carefully packed against breakage. By purchasing this product, you will feel the breeze of Antiquity in your home and office.

Replica Relief The Alexander Mosaic - "Casa del Fauno" (House of the Faun)

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