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Adra Antique

The Full Story

  • Where is the name ADRA comes from?

        ​The name of Adra is an ancient city on the Aegean side of Turkey. Adramytteion ancient city in today's bay of Balıkesir city.

  • What kind of collections does Adra Antique have ?

          "Adra Antique Collections" has replica cuneiform tablets, cuneiform tablets, ancient jewelry, replica ancient jewelry, historical                 home decors collections. These collections are occurring by hand, all of them are design products.​

  • What are the contents of the cuneiform tablet collections ?

         The cuneiform tablets collections are consist of Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian, Assyrian and Hittite cuneiform tablets. The replicas are an exact copy of the historical ones. Explanations and the collection informations comes with the tablet. You may request to write your own tablets to us. All tablets are made of clay and written with a stylus as original.

  • Wholesale is available for museum shops and gift shops.

         Please contact for wholesale price and information.

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